We work with our clients to help them engage, and develop relationships, with key stakeholders including those in their local community. Establishing and maintaining good communication links helps to develop goodwill and to foster open and transparent relationships between our clients and the communities in which they operate. Where stakeholders support or oppose decisions by our clients or where external decisions may affect stakeholders, we work with all parties involved to facilitate forums for discussion and ensure there are open platforms for communication.

At AM O’Sullivan PR, we recognise the importance of being a good neighbour and corporate citizen to the communities in which our clients are based. To that end, we assist in the creation and implementation of our clients’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and work to positively influence the flow of communication between our clients and the local community in which they operate.

Highly professional approach, very client focused, very flexible and responsive.

Kyran Johnson

General Manager, Janssen Supply Chain Ireland

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