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Stryker Celebrates Tiny Forest Success On World Environment Day 

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On World Environment Day, global medtech leader Stryker celebrates the two-year success of its Tiny Forest. The planting in 2022 was supported by local schools, and today students were brought on a tour of the site to see how this sustainable initiative has grown.

Inspired by a Japanese methodology, the Tiny Forest has growth rates up to five-times greater than traditional woodlands. It enhances local biodiversity and acts as a sanctuary for urban wildlife. In promoting sustainability and biodiversity, the Limerick team, led by Joseph Hearney, have also installed a bee apiary onsite. 

Stryker has eight sites in Ireland employing over 5,000 people across Cork, Limerick, and Belfast. Stryker’s sustainable actions extend beyond targets. Sustainability inspires innovation across all of Stryker’s operations, from energy-efficient practices to waste reduction initiatives. This is all underpinned by Stryker’s global sustainability strategy.

Albert Cummins, interim Site Lead, Stryker Limerick, explained how these actions are often inspired by their people. “A culture of sustainability motivates action. Our local initiatives are often the result of suggestions from our employees,”

“Whether it’s reducing water, planting Tiny Forests or establishing pollinator habitats, we are always focused on what we can do better in our communities. Stryker aims to be at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, supported by an ambitious global strategy. We are proud of what the teams in Limerick and Ireland have achieved and look forward to seeing their future plans.”

Stryker’s robust global sustainability strategy supports their goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. Irish operations are on trend to reach this target, with its manufacturing sites now using 100% renewable wind-generated energy, reducing annual carbon emissions by 20,000 tonnes, equivalent to removing 4,000 cars from the road. Additionally, all sites use 100% LED lighting, retrofitted with occupancy sensors. 

Stryker is committed to sustainability and recognises the importance of partnering with the local community in building a more sustainable future. 

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