AM O’Sullivan PR Ltd. respects your privacy and does not record your personal information without your prior consent. There are features on the website within which you have the option to input your personal details, for example, in the “Get in Touch” section of the “Contact” page or the sign up to our newsletter feature. Should you choose to enter your details we will ensure that the data is only used for the intended purpose, verification purposes and statistical analysis, and marketing and administration purposes. Any personal information that you volunteer will not be disseminated to third-parties.

Our website uses cookies, which means that a text file is sent to your browser and temporarily stored on the hard drive of your computer until your session on our website ends. This is standard practice and the cookies enable us to record non-personal information that is stored by our internet provider. The stored information includes the IP address of the server you are using, the browser type, the top level domain name used, the pages visited on the site, the previous website addresses from which our site was accessed and the date and time you accessed the site. This data allows our website to function at an optimum level and permits us to provide you with online information relating to our services and industry.

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