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Acclaimed Actor and Playwright Shane Casey is Cork Person of the Month

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Acclaimed actor and playwright, Shane Casey, has been chosen as Cork Person of the Month for January in honour of his unwavering commitment to the arts, education, and community service.

Shane Casey embarked on a transformative journey at the age of 21 when he chose to leave behind his apprenticeship as a painter/decorator to pursue a career in acting. Since then, he has emerged as a leading figure in the Irish entertainment scene, achieving widespread acclaim for his breakthrough role as Billy Murphy in “The Young Offenders” film and subsequent TV series.

Casey’s artistic talents extend beyond the screen, as he has also earned acclaim for his work as a playwright. His play “Wet Paint” has graced the stages of iconic local venues such as the Cork Opera House, Cork Arts Theatre, and Everyman Palace Theatre. The play successfully toured nationally in 2019, showcasing Casey’s ability to create accessible and thought-provoking content.

In addition to his contributions to the arts, Shane Casey has been actively involved with Cork’s Graffiti Theatre Company for over a decade. He has been instrumental in conducting resilience and well-being workshops for secondary school students, showcasing his commitment to fostering creativity and mental health awareness in the community.

Commenting on his work, Casey stated, “I wanted to make a show that was accessible to people, without being pretentious. Humour is a very safe approach because then the subtext can be about mental health or how men talk about their problems, or whatever you want.”

Beyond his artistic endeavours, Shane Casey is recognised for his philanthropic work, notably supporting the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. His multifaceted personality, from his dynamic acting career to his community involvement, reflects a genuine and warm individual committed to making a positive impact.

The forthcoming return of Shane Casey to “The Young Offenders” in the upcoming fourth expected to air on the BBC this year, followed later on RTE, has heightened anticipation among fans. In the meantime, Casey is captivating audiences with his second self-penned play, “The Man Who Talks to Statues,” a testament to his continuous creativity and dedication to the craft.

Shane Casey’s portrayal of Billy Murphy has transcended the screen, resonating with audiences in Cork and beyond, earning him the status of a cult hero.

“The Derry Girls Mural has been a great success for Derry tourism. We should have a Young Offenders Mural in Cork to augment the existing Young Offenders filming locations tour “ said awards organiser Manus O’Callaghan.

Shane’s name will now go forward alongside the other monthly winners for possible selection as Cork Person of the Year at the annual Gala Awards Lunch in January, 2025.

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