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The importance of crisis management planning for your business

In an ideal world, a business would run smoothly without any unwanted interruptions or distractions to its productivity and success. However, in reality, no business is crisis-proof and a business of any size can be susceptible to a crisis or emergency. A crisis is an unexpected and disruptive event or set of events that could potentially damage an organisation’s brand and the associated reputations. Advance planning is key and every company should have a crisis management plan, devised by a communications expert, to minimise the possible fallout.

Here at AM O’Sullivan PR, a significant portion of our work revolves around strategic communications and crisis management planning. Crises are often far-reaching in the sense that several people are involved, be it directly or indirectly. A crisis may involve an accident or fatality in the workplace, redundancies or a business closure. Due to the sensitive nature of a crisis, it can affect an organisation’s stakeholders, such as CEOs, directors, business owners, and staff, as well as the general public.

Key messages in the form of a carefully written statement(s) and timing in terms of distribution to media are imperative. Liaising with stakeholders in the correct manner and at the right time can make all the difference in terms of reputation management and minimising the negative effects on a brand. In a crisis, a business is usually in survival mode, except in a closure situation, and crisis management strategies exist to ensure the damage to the business is minimised and reputations remain intact.

At AM O’Sullivan PR, we recognise that reputation is of paramount importance to our clients and that reputation management is a fundamental cornerstone of their communications strategy. We develop a clear understanding of our clients’ organisational culture and business objectives at the outset, so that we can deliver successful PR campaigns and provide strategic counsel and support when issues or crisis situations arise.

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Orla Clancy is a Senior Account Manager at AM O’Sullivan PR and she designs bespoke packages to suit the different requirements and budgets of individuals, businesses and organisations. For more information contact Orla at orla@amosullivanpr.ie or call 087-938 8882.

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