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Why Internal Communications is important for your business

Over the past number of years, companies of all sizes have begun to realise the importance and value of having a functioning and integrated internal communications system.

While some companies will have a dedicated internal communications resource, many businesses don’t have a budget for one. At AM O’Sullivan PR, we can devise and implement internal campaigns to inform and engage your employees, whether it’s a one-off campaign or a more integrated organisational change project.

For any business, your employees are your biggest advocates and it is critically important to keep them engaged and informed on all company activity. Employees also need to be engaged with and motivated to deliver and implement the company goals and vision. This will not be achieved without a successful internal communications strategy. Often, leaders within a business will only get one chance to successfully communicate key messaging to employees, therefore, it’s imperative this is done right.

The last thing you want is for your employees to read about company changes or updates in a newspaper. This can lead to apathy and even resentment – employees will lose trust in a business that keeps them in the dark. To avoid this and to ensure your employees are kept motivated and engaged, businesses need to have an integrated internal communications strategy that aligns with the external communications strategy along with with the overall company strategies and goals. All business decisions that affect employees need to be communicated in a timely, clear and concise manner. There are a number of different channels that can be used to deliver messaging and it is important to know the right channel and method to use depending on the information to be communicated.

At AM O’Sullivan PR we can advise clients on the most efficient methods to communicate to an internal audience, we can also advise on innovative ways to get key messages across to employees. We have experience in devising and implementing integrated internal communication strategies for a host of SMEs and multinational clients and we can help your business to successfully build its internal communications function. Want to know more?

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Eoin Weldon is an Account Manager at AM O’Sullivan PR with several years’ internal communications experience. To find out more, discuss your business’ internal communications requirements and receive a bespoke proposal, email or call on 086-8859905.

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