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Brian O’Donovan has been announced as Cork Person of the Month for March to mark his successful stint as RTÉ’s Washington Correspondent and his book ‘Four Years in the Cauldron’.

Brian’s lively and authoritative style brought us must watch television during a tumultuous period in American life. His book ‘Four Years in the Cauldron’ draws a compelling picture of fractured politics particularly during the extraordinary presidency of Donald Trump. He covered Joe Biden’s knife edge election, and gave his unique perspective on big stories such as the Covid emergency, the Capitol Hill Riot, and the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and trial and conviction of his killer.

His book provided a visceral sense of what it’s like living in a country shaped by guns, religion, far-fetched conspiracy theories and the running sore of racism. Outside of the white-hot heat of Washington politics, he writes about the lives of ordinary American people with great nuance and understanding.

Brian began his career as a broadcast journalist at RedFM in 2002. He began work with TV3 as a News Correspondent in 2005 where he worked for 10 years, and In 2015, he joined RTÉ as a Multimedia Journalist. In 2018, he succeeded Catriona Perry as RTÉ’s Washington Correspondent.

Recently, he was appointed as RTÉ’s new Work and Technology Correspondent in Ireland. In his new role, Brian will analyse and report on our working lives, how they are changing, and the wide-ranging developments in technology more broadly.

Brian’s name now goes forward, with the other Persons of the Month chosen this year, for possible selection as Cork Persons of the Year at a Gala Awards Lunch on January next (2023).

This is the 29th year of the Cork Person of Year awards scheme. Our award partners are: the Irish Examiner, EchoLive.ie, RTÉ, Southern, AM O’Sullivan PR Ltd, Lexus Cork, Tony O’Connell Photographer, Manus O’Callaghan, Cork Crystal, CAVS, Cork City Council and Cork County Council.

Pictured above at the awards presentation l/r: Ann-Marie O’Sullivan, AM O’Sullivan PR; Manus O’Callaghan, Awards Organiser; Brian O’Donovan, Cork Person of the Month; Pat Lemasney, Southern; Niamh Lehane, Lexus Cork. Picture by Tony O’Connell.

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