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The purpose of media and presentation skills training

The Irish media landscape consists of print, broadcast – TV and radio – online, wire services and social media channels. While the increased use of online and social media channels has presented some threats to traditional print publications and broadcast media, there is still a 24/7 appetite for news. What is news? Simply put, news is what the media decides is news! More often than not, this is information that someone somewhere doesn’t want in the public domain.

At AM O’Sullivan PR, we are experts in developing bespoke media training programmes that ensure our clients understand how the media works, how best to engage with media in an interview situation and how best to deal with different interview situations. As with many aspects of business, preparation is key when liaising with the media. Whether you are a seasoned spokesperson or rarely interact with members of the media, it is important to recognise the role media plays in your organisation’s reputation.

The trick is to know what information the media require and reply, as best you can, in a timely manner with clear, concise, understandable messages – no jargon. Be as honest and upfront as possible with the information you have to hand. Responses such as ‘no comment’ can result in speculation or  can force a journalist to rely upon unreliable sources of information. It is important to remember that you know more about the company, sector or issue than the media representative. Media and presentation training allows you to communicate this information during an interview, a public speaking opportunity or during an emergency situation.

AM O’Sullivan PR has extensive experience of handling crisis management situations across a wide range of industry sectors. We have worked with with indigenous and multi-national clients including life sciences, healthcare, education, business process outsourcing and energy/utilities.

If you think your company could benefit from media and presentation skills training, contact AM O’Sullivan PR. Ann Marie Callanan is an Account Manager at AM O’Sullivan PR. For more information contact Ann Marie at amcallanan@amosullivanpr.ie call 087-6496234. 

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