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The Value of Mentorship Programmes 

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Navigating a successful career journey benefits from a guiding hand and support from others. Mentorship at different stages of one’s career is crucial, as it provides support, insights and access to a valuable network. AM O’Sullivan PR’s commitment to fostering talent and contributing to the community in which we operate is intricately woven into the fabric of our organisational ethos. This unwavering commitment manifests itself through enduring mentorship initiatives strategically designed to support a new generation of skilled PR and communications professionals. 

Value of Mentorship

While internal mentorship within an organisation is important, having an external mentor provides an additional opportunity for a broader perspective and new insights. Individuals returning to work, changing industries, or undergoing career shifts find immense value in external mentorship. The openness of such relationships can be a game-changer for those navigating pivotal points in their careers, such as graduates entering the workforce or mid-career professionals seeking promotion.

Moreover, external mentorship creates networks and teams, promoting collaboration. In the communications industry, where individuals often work in diverse settings like in-house, agencies, or freelance, mentorship provides a support system, countering the potential isolation that can accompany these roles.

At AM O’Sullivan PR, Tina Quinn, Director of Operations and Client Strategy and Siobhán Howe, Senior Client Director, recognise the transformative power of mentorship, having experienced its benefits throughout their careers.  Reflecting on her early career, Tina acknowledges the crucial role played by her mentor and colleague, Robin O’Sullivan. Siobhán relied on the guidance of mentors in navigating various stages in her career including changing roles and promotion. 

Value of Mentorship Programmes

Over the past five years, Tina Quinn has actively participated as a mentor in the MTU masters programme for the “MA in Public Relations with New Media”. In parallel, Siobhán Howe has devoted four years to helping steer the careers of aspiring PR professionals.

Tina and Siobhán understand the importance of introducing mentorship early in one’s professional development. For many mentees, this process is their introduction to the industry, establishing the importance of mentorship in shaping their career paths.

Tina and Siobhán encourage mentees to engage enthusiastically in the mentorship programme, investing time and energy to prepare for each session, asking for advice and providing feedback throughout the process. This approach to mentorship with individuals at different career levels fosters an environment of continuous learning, providing a solid foundation for fruitful mentor-mentee relationships. 

In addition to maintaining ongoing relationships with mentors and industry professionals alike, it is essential to network. Professional associations like the PRII, PRCA, Cork Chamber, Network Cork and the Marketing Institute are vital networks for students and graduates to build connections.

Advice for Aspiring Mentors

Participating in mentorship programmes provides mentors with the opportunity to share a wealth of experience, industry insights, and practical knowledge with mentees. This exchange not only enriches the mentees’ learning experience, but also serves as an opportunity for mentors to refine their own skills, perspectives and leadership styles. The mentor-mentee relationship becomes a two-way interaction, fostering a continuous learning environment for both parties.


Mentorship takes on various forms but is universally rooted in support and collaboration. Finding the right mentors enriches your own career journey and inspires you to give back, creating a positive cycle of mentorship that benefits individuals at all stages of their careers. Ultimately, mentorship programmes are not just about professional development, but also about building a community that helps propel individuals towards success.

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