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Understanding the Importance of Events

Corporate events can be an incredibly effective way of engaging with your stakeholders.

PR event management is all about using events to create opportunities to share key messages and engage stakeholders. By understanding our clients’ needs, their key objectives and their expectations, AM O’Sullivan PR can effectively use events as a means of engaging positively with a range of key stakeholders and achieving positive media coverage. 

Stakeholder Engagement
Events enable businesses to reach their stakeholders in a creative way, be it product launches, anniversary events, office openings, or exhibitions. AM O’Sullivan PR typically coordinates and manages two or three corporate events per month. Through corporate events, we assist our clients in successfully delivering key messaging about their business development, achievements and objectives. We achieve this through speeches, exhibitions, media interviews, features and news coverage with careful targeting of relevant publications.  

Media, customers, employees, and shareholders are just some of the stakeholders that can be reached through successful events. PR agencies can help you to provide a focus for the event and shape it to best achieve your company’s business objectives. 

Having the right attendees and speakers can make the difference in achieving media coverage. Working with a PR agency like AM O’Sullivan PR will help target the relevant people for your event and we can make recommendations in relation to the guest list, helping you to build relationships with a range of key stakeholders. 

Everyone who attends a corporate event should be viewed as a potential brand ambassador for your company. They are likely to tweet key messages from speeches at the event, post photographs taken at the event and, at a minimum, will check in with social media to see what’s being said about the event. Being active on social media at event will help to amplify your company messages to a much wider audience than a press release along could achieve. Building brand awareness through events is something which the AM O’Sullivan PR team specialises in. Being strategic about how an event is organised and how the venue is branded is the best way to maximise these opportunities. 

Media Coverage
At AM O’Sullivan PR, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs. We focus on targeting the appropriate media outlets in order to reach your target audiences. Events to highlight milestones offer an opportunity to acknowledge the people who contribute to your success. This is an angle which will attract media interest and your PR agency will know which journalists to target in order to successfully achieve this coverage. This is one of the  major advantages of engaging with PR professionals, who can utilise their trusted relationships with journalists to pitch a story effectively in order to maximise media coverage. 

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