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‘Clients’ sentiment for PR investment remains positive’

This article was originally published in Business Plus.


AM O’Sullivan PR experienced sustained growth throughout 2022 and 2023, particularly in the areas of issue and crisis management, reputation management, and internal communications. Notably, our media relations campaigns increased substantially, accompanied by client photocalls. Furthermore, we observed an increase in client events, which contributed to our overall business growth over the past two years. 

Our clients’ sentiment towards PR investment remains positive, much like a year ago. Despite the rising cost of living pressures affecting businesses and consumers, our clients continue to recognise the role that professional PR and communication plays in supporting the achievement of their business objectives. The ongoing importance they place on PR investment underscores its positive impact on their success in an evolving economic landscape.


PRCA/PRII PR professionals affiliated with PRCA or PRII typically possess extensive expertise and experience in managing client relationships, providing strategic PR advice and executing effective campaigns for diverse clients, bringing skills and objectivity to delivering for their clients. 

In-house communications executives will obviously be very closely integrated with a company’s culture and have a unique understanding of their organisation’s communication requirements, objectives, culture and stakeholders.  However, both PRCA/PRII PR professionals and in-house communications executives are crucial for effective communication management.


We firmly believe that AI and technological advancements have the potential to enhance and complement the services we offer, rather than pose a threat to our industry. While it’s true that clients now have more tools at their disposal to write their own press releases or create videos for social media, we see this as a positive shift that encourages collaboration and creativity.

Our agency’s value lies not only in the production of content but also in strategic thinking, creativity, and expertise in communication. While AI can assist in automating certain tasks, it cannot replicate human input and the insights that we bring to our work. Crafting compelling narratives, understanding nuanced messaging, and tailoring content to specific audiences, are skills that require a deep understanding of both the client’s objectives and the broader market landscape in which they operate.

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